On Wednesday the 20th of March, a speaker from the organisation “Educate and Celebrate” will present assemblies to pupils in years 7 and 8. We are committed to Hall Green School being an inclusive community where all pupils are treated with dignity and no pupil or adult is bullied or stereotyped due to their sexuality, gender-identity or other perceived differences.

The presentation has two main aims:

  • To promote the idea that we must treat all people fairly and equally, regardless of sexuality, gender-identity or other differences.
  • To educate pupils so that they learn to avoid discriminatory and abusive language towards minority groups, such as the LGBT+ community.

This can be a sensitive issue and the presenter will be respectful of the fact that pupils come from a range of traditions on the matter. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact the school and ask to speak to Mr Adams or Mr Simson.