Friday 3rd May, saw 25 volunteers from a range of organisations in school conducting 1 to 1 interviews with our pupils. This was to help pupils prepare a CV and a portfolio of achievements for their individual Progress Files.


Pupils were able to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, career ambitions whilst developing confidence and communication skills in talking to new people in a formal and professional manner.

Here is a sample of some of the pupil feedback.
 ‘What will you remember from today’s activity?’
‘I will remember that I am a positive person and that my disability will not let me down’.
‘To be aware of my timing and organisation’
‘I loved talking to my interviewer’.
‘To speak clearly and start thinking about what steps to take next for my future education.’
‘The person I spoke to was very supportive and informative with helping me learn new things.’
‘I don’t need to be nervous as long as I am being myself and doing the best I can’.
‘I did exceptionally well, I had a great interview with a lovely person’.
‘Realising my strengths and weaknesses’.
‘How to talk to someone who I’ve never met before and what applying and going through an interview is like’. 
Thank you for all the organisations and an ex- Hall Green pupil that supported this event. T
Aspire People
Birmingham Community Healthcare
Birmingham Metropolitan College
BT Communications
BT Openreach
Cadbury College
Joseph Chamberlain College
Network Rail
Nova Training
Ministry of Justice
Rolls Royce
Solihull College
South and City/Bournville College
St Joseph’s Care Home
Stratford College
University of Law
West Midlands Police

The volunteers were very impressed with how polite and mature our pupils were. Well done all involved!