The exact process by which GCSEs will be awarded has now been shared with schools and a letter from the Government explaining this process is attached here.

As I’ve previously explained, GCSE grades will be awarded according to teacher judgements of a pupil’s performance and what they would have been most likely to have gained if they had taken their exams as normal.  This does NOT mean they will based on mock exam results, but on a range of assessments from across Year 10 and Year 11. Calculating final predictions in this way is actually something all teachers do every year. Looking back at the grades you were given at Yr 11 Data 1 and Yr 11 Data 2 will give you an idea of what you may get in the summer, but of course some pupils’ performance will have changed since these projections were made and our final projections will reflect this when we calculate them. A second document is attached here that gives further guidance on this process.

Our departments are very experienced at making the right projections and we will make sure the grades awarded are fair.  We are well aware that many pupils revise more for the final exams than they do for their mocks and always take that into consideration when making final projected grades.  Please trust us to get these decisions right and it is important that you do not email your teachers asking for higher grades to be awarded. I have asked your teachers not to reply to these requests and the Government has instructed us not to release information about our final projections in advance of results being issued to pupils.

The Government will ensure that for the whole country this year’s GCSE grades look very similar to those for previous cohorts’ in 2019 and 2018.  As an example, this means that for the UK as a whole the same percentage of pupils will be getting a 9-5 in Maths in 2020 as in 2019 and 2018.  However, some pupils will be disappointed with their grades and all pupils will have the opportunity to sit their GCSEs in 2021, so it is important you continue to work hard over the next few months so that you will be in a good position to do well in future GCSEs should you CHOOSE to take them.

The Government is also committed to providing a place at a college, sixth form or apprenticeship provider for ALL current Yr 11 pupils in September. It is therefore vital that you continue with your study so that you are ready to start college or sixth form in September 2020.  Some of the colleges have been in touch with the school to stress the importance of Yr 11 pupils continuing to revise their GCSE work so that they are ready to start A levels and BTECs in September.

Once again, I’m really sorry that Year 11 has ended in this way for you – you’ve been a great year group to work with and as a school we were looking forward to really good results this summer.  We will make sure we have a proper leavers’ event for you at some point in the future and I look forward to meeting you all again – although of course this may not be for some time.

Good luck, best wishes and stay safe

Mr Hosfield

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