When you finish your exams this summer, we don’t want that to be the last time you’re in touch with us. A ‘pupil alumni’ is where we keep in touch with our leavers and their career progressions. We have a growing network of relateable role models with pupils that want to keep in touch and who would like to support the school. Ex-pupils can really make a difference to transform younger pupils’ confidence, motivation, skills and understanding of their future pathways. We may invite you to activities such as the Careers Fair, Careers Insight Talks and activities, Year 9 and 11 Options talks, Practice Interviews, offering work experience, mentoring or volunteering in other aspects of school life.

The benefits to you include; Staying connected, Support could lead to an additional reference, Evidence for your CV, Helps with university personal statements, but most of all the satisfaction of helping to inspire others.

If you would like to be part of the school’s alumni please  register here. https://links.grofar.com/27181-Alumni-H2ZWGO