We are holding mock re-sits for Yr 11 pupils in certain subjects between the 24th and 28th February. These re-sits will give pupils an opportunity to re-revise subject content that they are not yet secure on over half term and the chance to gain confidence by improving on their December result.  The majority of these re-sits are in the afternoon and some will be finishing after 3.15 pm. All pupils received a letter this week stating which re-sits they will be taking and the finish time of each exam so that you will know if they have any late finishes that week.

These retakes should provide the basis for pupils’ revision over the next 2  weeks.  Pupils will need their copy of the syllabus for each subject to help set out what they still need to learn and a timetable that ensures they have a sufficient number of revision sessions to cover all the content that will be tested in each exam.  Revision sessions should each last for 45 minutes and involve creative, interactive revision techniques such as Cornell notes, mind maps, flash cards and memory testing. As we have previously discussed with pupils, to embed something into long term memory, pupils will need to learn the content and then test themselves on it as often as possible.


‘Good luck to all Yr 11s taking these exams’ – Mr Hosfield