Meet our Community


  Strategic vision and values

“Learning with Compassion, Ambition, Responsibility, and Excellence”

Hall Green is a school that continually seeks to build on the successes of the past and adapt to the needs of the future.  Our vision for the future, and the way we work, day to day, is based on strong foundations.  Hall Green School is a popular, vibrant and successful school with a track record of high standards and excellent outcomes for pupils of all backgrounds and abilities.  The diversity of the school population enriches the lives of all the community and has earned the school an enviable reputation for inclusion.

We place great emphasis on pupils achieving excellent qualifications as well as developing high quality personal and social skills, enabling pupils to be respectful, engaged, and happy citizens.  This focus on the holistic development of each and every pupil is central to everything we do and based on our CARE values: Compassion, Ambition, Responsibility, and Excellence.

Our Governing Body and staff are committed to providing the very best for the children in our care.


Our values:


  • We demonstrate kindness, empathy, and respect for all
  • We help those in need of support, being charitable and generous to others
  • We have due regard for other people’s feelings, wishes, and rights


  • We enable pupils to have a positive vision for their future
  • We work hard with a determination to succeed
  • We work to develop self-belief and create a growth mind-set


  • We understand the importance of being responsible for our actions
  • We aim to be responsible in the decisions we take
  • We encourage pupils to take up positions of responsibility


  • We strive for academic and personal excellence
  • We lead through being positive role models for others
  • We engage fully in opportunities for growth and development

Long term aims:

  1. Develop a wide variety of high quality, inclusive academic, personal, and social opportunities to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential, developing ambition in their choices when they leave school.
  1. Ensure those with barriers to success, whether due to internal or external factors, are provided with the support needed to be successful and achieve excellence.
  1. Develop a Hall Green identity and feeling of belonging through developing pupils’ sense of individual and collective.
  1. Develop a culture focused upon positive pupil and staff wellbeing, encouraging compassion for all.


Miss K Slater