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Modern Foreign Languages

All pupils at Hall Green School study either French, German as well as Spanish as a foreign language.
At the end of Year 9 students in bands H and L continue with their language to GCSE, whilst students in middle and lower bands are encouraged to pursue a language to this level where appropriate.

Pupils of all abilities are encouraged to develop their language learning abilities and are given practice in all four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

 We believe that pupils’ enjoyment of the foreign language learning experience is the key to developing the confidence to use the language effectively in a range of social and cultural situations.

 Pupils are offered the opportunity to widen their cultural and linguistic knowledge by having a pen friend in our partner schools in France, Spain and Germany and by taking part in trips to France and Spain and participating in the well established German Exchange with Max Plank Gymnasium in Karlsruhe.

The department is generally assisted by foreign language assistants (French, Spanish and German on a rotational basis) to help pupils of all abilities to further develop their linguistic skills and cultural understanding. Pupils have also been given the opportunity to attend drama performances in French, Spanish and German.

 Theatre groups have been working with the department for a few years now and all students who attend these productions have found them very entertaining and linguistically stimulating.

The exam board used in MFL is AQA. It offers 2 levels of entry, Foundation and Higher. Entry levels are decided by the class teacher based on performance throughout the course. Pupils undertake a final examination in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Pupils will be entered for exams in June of Year 11.

Through strong teaching and varied cultural opportunities we hope to promote pupils’ enthusiasm for language learning generally and encourage them to develop a sensitivity and empathy for other cultures.
Students will be allocated a language based on teaching groups and to ensure even distribution of numbers and smaller class sizes.

As of September 2018, new Year 7 classes will be studying French or Spanish. German will only remain for those pupils who began before this point.

“It is arrogant to assume that we can get by in English or that everyone else will speak our language.  Learning a foreign language is polite, demonstrates commitment and in today’s world is absolutely essential.”

-Sir Trevor McDonald