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Religious Studies

Department Aims


The RE department consists of four well-qualified subject-specialist teachers and three non-subject specialist teachers. Religious Education is a core subject that all pupils study from KS3 to GCSE level. The RE Department follows the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus and aims to teach a broad and balanced curriculum that will provide pupils to learn about the different world faiths as well as fostering the non-religious views too. We use a variety of techniques and teaching styles to make lessons interactive and engaging as well giving pupils the opportunity to explore the challenges of faith on social and ethical issues.


Key Stage 3


Year 7: Pupils study six units throughout the year – this will consist of both a thematic and systematic approach of study


Why is Muhammad important to Muslims?

Do you believe like I believe?

What does Jesus’ incarnation mean to Christians?

Can we make poverty history?

What does it mean to be ‘God’s chosen people’?

Why are sacred writings important to believers?



Year 8: Pupils study six units throughout the year – this will consist of both a thematic and systematic approach of study


What does it mean to be a committed Muslim?

How do we work towards community cohesion?

What are the special times in life and how do we mark them?

What does the resurrection mean to Christians?

What does it mean to be a Jew in modern times?

What does it mean to be a committed Sikh?



Year 9: Pupils start the GCSE RE in year 9


Area of study one – Christianity

Area of study two – Islam


Key Stage 4


Pupils will follow on with a full-course EDEXCEL GCSE in the study of Christianity and Islam. All assessments are terminal exams and there are no tiers of entry for Religious Studies. The course enables students to think for themselves about religious and moral questions and the issues they will face going into a multi-ethnic, multi-faith society which is the UK. Pupils study eight units altogether for the GCSE course and are assessed at the end of every unit studied. The RE department aims to prepare pupils for the GCSE exam by regularly assessing them, as well providing and using various strategies that focuses on retrieval practice and revision technique. The GCSE exam comprises of two written exams and pupils are expected to have studied the following areas of study for this course.


Area of Study One: Christianity


  • Belief in God
  • Marriage and Family
  • Matters of Life and Death
  • Living the religious life


Area of Study Two: Islam


  • Belief in God
  • Living the religious life
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Peace and Conflict