About The Science Department

The science department consists of 10 well qualified science teachers who are supported by 3 science technicians.  The school has 6 fully equipped laboratories that are primarily used for science lessons across key stage 3 and 4.  The science department are committed to delivering a thorough and varied curriculum and a large part of this is a belief and understanding of the value of practical work, which is carried out wherever possible.

Key Stage 3 Years 7-8

Year 7 and 8 have 6 lessons a fortnight and will be taught in their main teaching groups.  Students will study a range of topics, equally spread across Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Students learning is regularly assessed, approximately once every 6 weeks.  Key scientific ideas are taught, as well as important practical and analysing skills that will allow the students the best possible chance to succeed at key stage 4.

At the end of year 8, students will sit a comprehensive examination that will form an important part of deciding which GCSE group they will move in to in year 9.

Key Stage 4 Years 9-11

Year 9 have 6 lessons a fortnight.  Years 10 and 11 have 10 lessons a fortnight.  Students will be set into groups based predominantly on their ability within science, as well as any other timetabling constraints.

Year 11 students are studying OCR Gateway Additional Science GCSE, with set 1 also studying OCR Further Additional Science GCSE.  Each of these GCSEs has a coursework element worth 25% of the final grade alongside two exams which make up the remaining 75%.  These science GCSEs each contain two units worth of work on Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Year 9 and 10 pupils are following the new GCSE specification and the course we have chosen is Edexcel 9-1 Combined Science GCSE, worth 2 GCSEs.  There are no external examinations until the summer of year 11, when pupils will sit a total of 6 papers, spread evenly across Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  There is no coursework.

Set 1 in year 9 and 10 will study for 3 separate qualifications from the same exam board in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Each of these qualifications will have 2 examinations to be sat at the end of the course and again there will be no coursework element.

Through a range of internal and external assessments, i.e., mock exams, centre-assessed work and regular testing, we monitor the progress of individuals and class groups.  This enables us to identify strengths and weaknesses and set predicted and target grades.

The Science Department works with pupils and parents/carers to ensure high standards of attainment.  The Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 results are well above Local Authority and National Averages.

Year 7 parents:
Mon 12/11/2018 is Year 7 "Settling in" Evening for Lorien and Shire Houses
Tue 13/11/2018 is Year 7 "Settling in" Evening for Rivendell and Isengard Houses

3:30pm until 4:30pm.

Past pupils can collect art work from today onwards! You need to contact Mr Kennard to arrange this so work can be ready for you in reception. Please email at Thanks!

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