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Cyberbullying is when a child is threatened, harassed, humiliated or otherwise targeted by another child using digital technologies such as the internet and mobile phones. Cyberbullying can take place anywhere and at anytime and the person cyberbullying may attempt to appear anonymous.

If you are worried or upset it is important to talk to someone. It can be helpful to talk to a parent, carer, teacher or another adult that you trust.

10 Top Tips

  • Hide your personal details
  • Change your passwords often
  • Block the sender of hurtful or nasty messages
  • Never open messages from someone you don’t know
  • Only give details to friends you know in real life
  • React appropriately to nasty or hurtful messages
  • Save nasty links, text messages and emails.
  • Set networking sites and profiles to ‘private’
  • Follow netiquette: be polite and respectful when posting your views in an online discussion group
  • Always ask permission before revealing someone’s details