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Department Aims


The Business department exists of three members of staff with extensive experience of teaching Business GCSE. Most lessons take place in computer suites, with interactive whiteboards and students have access to computers enabling them to develop their ICT, data analysis, research, presentational and entrepreneurial skills.

The department aims to provide students with a range of valuable life skills preparing them for the world of work and adulthood.

Over the course of the two years, students will study all the major areas of business activity which provides students with skills and knowledge that will assist them in their future careers.

Students explore the economy in action and the impact various economic indicators have on their everyday lives.

They explore the impact of marketing in the goods and services they consume, the choices they make and interdependent global nature of the many businesses they come into contact with. They also study business ethics with an examination of contentious issues such as zero hour contracts and the impact of business activity on the environment.

A new feature   in the Business GCSE has been the impact of technology in the world of business, how business activity has been transformed through the use of social media as a tool used for market research, in promotion and public relations. They study the impact of the growth of e – commerce and the challenge presented to physical stores and many high streets and jobs.

During the course of the GCSE, students have the opportunity to:

  • Think critically and creatively
  • Become problem solvers
  • Show enterprise
  • Understand the importance of good communication, organisation, team work and time management.

Our students have participated in numerous regional enterprise competitions and a national investment competition with notable success.  In 2017 and 2016 we were West Midlands “Coca Cola Real Business Challenge” winners and were runners up in 2015.  As part of the 2016 competition, eight of our Year 10 pupils reached the grand final of this competition which was held in the Houses of Parliament, London.  Other successes include first prize for one of our Year 11 pupils in the  South Birmingham College Dragons Den competition, an event in which four more of our pupils also made the final.

Key Stage 4

Business GCSE is an option in Key Stage 4. Students will study two units over the course of two years. The outline of the units and assessment schedule is as follows:

Year 10- Investigating small business.

  • Topic 1.1 Enterprise and entrepreneurship.
  • Topic 1.2 Spotting a business opportunity.
  • Topic 1.3 Putting a business idea into practice.
  • Topic 1.4 Making the business effective.
  • Topic 1.5 Understanding external influences on business.



Year 11- Building a business

  • Topic 2.1 Growing the business.
  • Topic 2.2 Making marketing decisions
  • Topic 2.3 Making operational decisions.
  • Topic 2.4 Making financial decisions
  • Topic 2.5 Making human resource decisions




Business GCSE Edexcel 9-1


Year 10: End of topic tests (mid-year progress checks) and a mock examination in June

Year 11: End of topic tests (mid-year progress checks) and two formal summer examinations for Unit 1 and Unit 2


Paper 1: Investigating small business. 1hr 30 mins (90 marks). 50% of overall grade.
Paper 2: Building a business. 1hr 30 mins (90 marks). 50% of overall grade.


For further details, please contact Ms Sabir, Head of Business or consult: