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Exam Information

At Hall Green School, we strive to get the best results for our pupils. This includes preparing you for your examinations so that you can successfully move onto bigger and better things!

The awarding bodies set a strict criteria which must be followed by all pupils for the conduct of examinations and all coursework/controlled assessment. Pupils, should therefore pay particular attention to the Important Exam Notices and any notices in or around examination rooms.

The following links show the guidance and regulations for exams from all awarding bodies covering both GCSEs and all other externally assessed qualifications.

Please take time to familiarise yourselves with the documents and make sure you adhere to all the exam regulations.

You could risk being disqualified from one or all of your exams if you do not follow these regulations.

Exam Stress Guide

Exam Regulations & Guidance

Click the links below to see more information.