Special Educational Needs

The Learning Inclusion (Linc) Department at Hall Green School aims to provide high quality support to pupils with a range of additional needs; pupils may have learning difficulties and/or physical difficulties. It is the job of the Linc Department to help all pupils overcome these difficulties and to make sure they can achieve their potential; promoting achievement, participation and independence in the pupils to inspire confidence and trust to ensure that they all feel valued, secure and highly regarded by both staff and peers. All pupils in our school know that they can access a helpful, caring and consistent approach from any member of the Linc Department.

The SENCo deploys a range of tools to assess pupils’ needs and uses the data to inform intervention for either small groups or individuals. New intake pupils undertake a series of tests on entry to Year 7 and all pupils in the school have their reading and spelling tested at least once every year for the duration of Key Stage 3 and on demand in Key Stage 4. The Linc Department works together to monitor and track the progress of all pupils on the Code of Practice, working very closely with subject teachers and outside agencies, whose input is used to support our work and offer advice on ways forward – both as a whole school and for individual pupils.

The school has a wealth of experience and expertise in recognising the needs of pupils with physical difficulties and is acknowledged as a key Birmingham resource. We participate in the use of the disability symbol (‘Positive about Disabled People’), which is recognition of the very positive attitude and commitment we have towards our pupils with disabilities.

All SEND pupils are able to participate fully in all out of school activities including residential language trips to France, Year 7 and 8 camps and Work Experience. Our pupils are always able to make a positive contribution to the school community and they have a voice in the school, which is heard regularly in Learning Council meetings; they are also involved in a range of sporting activities. They are able to do well, according to their academic ability at all levels in the secondary curriculum and many have embarked on university courses.

The department aims to ensure that all needs are met and support is provided in-class by a team of experienced and dedicated teaching assistants (TAs). We also deliver a range of interventions, at less formal times throughout the day, to help pupils to overcome any barriers to learning.

Support for your child at Hall Green School – School Offer June 2018

HGS SEN Policy

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The Learning Inclusion Team

Mrs C McLoughlin

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) /English Teacher


Mrs M Griffiths

Assistant to The SENCo


Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Daly


Mrs S Gregory


Mrs S Halai


Mr S Hussain


Miss J Kandola


Mr S Lamba


Mrs L Sanford

Mr A Martin


Miss Z Matthews


Mrs G McLarnon


Mr P Ogle


Mrs C Ophey


Mrs C Painter


Mrs L Rist


Mrs J Bullows


Mrs J Kelly


Miss S Mehboob


Mr A Cook

Mr N Price (Apprentice)

Miss K Nasar (Apprentice)

As well as making excellent academic progress, we regard our success as the degree to which our pupils develop independent skills commensurate with their disabilities and the extent to which they develop their confidence and self-esteem. We are proud of all our pupils, many of whom still come back to visit us and keep us informed of their successes many years after they have left us.

Parents play a central role in supporting the work of the Department and we welcome their involvement. The department offers an ‘open door’ policy, with respect to parents who are encouraged to make contact if they have concerns.

For further information about The Learning Inclusion Department please contact the SENCo – Mrs C McLoughlin on c.mac@hallgreen.bham.sch.uk