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Yardley Trust Foundation

Once again we will be working with the Yardley Education Foundation to provide eligible parents a grant of £80 towards their child’s school uniform. The grant is paid by means of a voucher or voucher code and can be redeemed at school uniform retailers when buying a new uniform for September 2022.  Pupils currently qualifying for Free School Meals (FSM) or pupils who have qualified for Free School Meals within the past six years are eligible if they also live within the Ancient Parish of Yardley.  The Ancient Parish of Yardley no longer exists, but much of Hall Green is situated within these boundaries. I am writing to you as our records show that you may meet both of these criteria and may therefore be eligible for the £80 uniform voucher for each child that you have at Hall Green School.

The Yardley Education Foundation was set up by a group of monks over 600 years ago with the intention of supporting the education of young people in the local area.  The Foundation are very keen to make sure as many local families as possible have access to this fund.  Each parent/carer has to apply using the new online system, which takes roughly two minutes. If successful, the grant will be awarded directly to you and you will be given information as to where the voucher can be redeemed.

Applications must be made online at

The password is            yef22

Please note the following points in order to make the application process easier:

  • to input Date of Birth you need to click on the month to get a drop down list, same for year and then choose the day from the calendar that will update based on month and year. 
  • The drop down list for selecting the school is also quite sensitive, so please ensure the correct school has been selected prior to submitting your application as this is the school that your details will be sent to in order to check you meet the criteria.
  • Please include a space in your postcode, this makes the checking process is correct at Yardley Trust.
  • When you submit your application the page should clarify that it has been received. Please refrain from calling Yardley Trust unless absolutely necessary, they dealt with over 3500 applications last year and will need to concentrate their time on getting the vouchers issued.
  • The closing date for applications will be Sunday 3rd July 2022.
  • Vouchers should be issued the last week in July.  Yardley Trust are looking into the possibility of issuing voucher codes rather than paper vouchers.  This is still in early planning, so please be certain that your email address is correct and monitored for this reason.