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Hall Green School Dress Code

It is school policy that all pupils wear school uniform.  Considerable effort is made to maintain high standards of dress.  It is the strongly held view of the Governing Body that the school should follow a school uniform policy.


All pupils

  • Plain navy blue blazer with school badge
  • Plain grey trousers, skirt, pinafore, tunic or tailored shorts*
  • Plain white shirt with a top button and collar suitable for a tie
  • Plain navy blue school ‘V’ neck jumper/cardigan, standard length (available with school badge)
  • Clip-on school tie for all years, in House colour
  • Plain black shoes or ankle length boots**
  • Plain navy/grey/black tights or plain socks.


*Trousers must be worn to the ankle and cannot be jeans, denim, leather, or hipsters style.

Skirt/tunic/pinafore length should be no shorter than just above the knee and no longer than ankle length.

Shorts must be tailored and worn between just above the knee to just below the knee.

None of the above may be tight fitting.


**Shoes cannot be trainer or pump style.  There must be no labels or markings.  Heels must be no bigger than 4 cm.  If there is any doubt, it is most likely that they are not acceptable – parents/carers/pupils should liaise with their Head of House prior to purchasing a pair if unsure if they are suitable.


PE/Games Kit

  • Polo shirt with school logo, in House colour
  • Plain black shorts, black leggings or black tracksuit bottoms (available with school logo)
  • White socks
  • Trainers/pumps
  • Swimming costume/trunks/towel
  • Plain black sweatshirt (available with school logo) recommended for use in cold weather
  • Pupils may wear a plain colour rain jacket (available with school logo), for use during inclement weather and outside lessons only
  • Football boots and shin pads recommended if selected for the school football team
  • No sporting brands/logos or stripes and shadow stripes allowed on any items of kit
  • Any special requests for adaptations of kit must be discussed with the Head of PE.


The following are the only items that must be school specific: Blazer, tie, PE polo shirt.

Other items do not need to have the school badge on.



The school recommends pupils do not wear any items of value (monetary or sentimental).  If desired, pupils may wear:

  • Watch (not a smart watch)
  • 1 pair of small stud earrings (1 earring in each ear only)
  • 1 small, unobtrusive ring.

No other body piercing may be worn.  All jewellery must be removed for PE.


  • Outer clothing must be worn over the top of the blazer and not underneath
  • Woolly hats and sun hats may be worn outside when appropriate
  • No excessive make-up; it must be subtle and natural looking. No nail polish or nail accessories
  • A suitable school bag that will both carry and protect exercise books
  • Hair accessories must be discreet
  • Head coverings worn for religious observance must be plain black/navy/grey
  • Haircuts should be appropriate for school e.g. logos or messages shaved into a haircut would not be acceptable
  • Hair colouring must be of a natural colour
  • Ties must be worn at the top of the shirt, with top buttons done up.

Items worn for religious observance should be discreet in size and not visible.  Further guidance is available for those wishing to request authorisation to wear a Kirpan in school.

Full school uniform must be worn in lessons and in the school building.

All items of uniform and PE kit can be purchased from: Mansuri, Clive Marks and Early Years (Monkhouse Schoolwear).

All items of school uniform should be named.  If, in exceptional circumstances, your child cannot attend in full uniform, we ask parents/carers to contact school immediately.

Help is available for families who require support with uniform costs.  Please contact the school for further details.

Mobile Phones 

We understand that pupils may bring a mobile phone in for safety purposes to be able to communicate with parents and carers on their journey to and from school, but we must stress these are​ brought on site at the pupil’s own risk.  Once on site, either outdoors or indoors, the phone should be turned off and stored in the pupil’s bag out of sight. 


Pupils are also expected to be fully equipped every day.  Equipment should include:

  • A suitable school bag that will both carry and protect exercise books
  • Pencil case – containing pens (one black, one blue and one green), a pencil, a ruler, a rubber, a sharpener, coloured pens/highlighters and a glue stick.  Pupils can discuss with their teacher whether they need to purchase specialist equipment for their subject (e.g. calculators or protractors)
  • Reading book.