The Art Department offers a large range of activities and opportunities for pupils at both KS3 and KS4. There are 3 members of staff who are specialists in ceramics and fine art. Pupils are encouraged to question what they know, and to experiment and explore different ways of working. We like pupils to bring enthusiasm and an open mind to their art lessons.

Pupils at KS3 are issued with sketch books, in which they are encouraged to experiment in different media including painting, drawing, collage and printing. In the first year, they cover the main design elements of texture, line and shape leading to exciting work in designing and making their own responses to project brief. All pupils follow projects on observation work, colour mixing and more complex ceramics techniques giving them a broad grounding in this subject.

Many topics relate to artists’ work and the pupils are encouraged to research topics and techniques in each project covered. By the end of the Year 9 our aim is for all pupils to have gained a broad experience in the subject and an understanding of different techniques and the creative process. Pupils at KS4 learn to work independently and follow topics set termly by the staff, researching various techniques and artists’ work.

New skills are introduced, giving the pupils the option to try acrylic painting, screen printing, large scale independent claywork, work in wire, card and modroc. Pupils have the opportunity to use computer graphics using Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop and digital cameras. We take the AQA examination and have an excellent record of outstanding GCSE results.

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