Supporting Your Child During Exams

For young people taking examinations, there are a number of stresses and pressures. We as parents are keen to help and support, and “Young Minds” have produced an informative and helpful guide available here, and there is also a booklet regarding anxiety which is produced by Firefly available here. If you require further support or need to speak to us, please contact the school.

Hall Green (North Ward) Meeting

Details of the next meeting are now available. Please click here if you would like to know more.

Information for Parents/Carers:

Knife Crime

We at Hall Green School are committed to safeguarding our pupils and ensure we work closely with outside agencies in order to provide the best possible guidance and advice.

Click here to view a letter written in collaboration with West Midlands Police.

Parent View

We would like to remind parents that Ofsted’s “Parent View” facility is always open and allows you to give feedback across a range of areas. Please click here to access the site, where you will be prompted to login or create a new account. You can also access this page through our “School Performance” tab, in the Ofsted section.

Parental Feedback

Our children have different personalities, skills, interests, strengths, and weaknesses but both have been well cared for at Hall Green and have always looked forward to going to school. Opportunities are provided for all abilities and interests which helps to realise the potential of each child and so they themselves can recognise their own value. No single skill appears to be valued above all others so the pupils are able to find out what makes them shine. My children aren’t statistics, they’re individuals, and that’s why I’m glad that they’re at Hall Green.

FC, parent.


Provisional results: 2017/2018

Congratulations to our outgoing Year 11, who performed superbly in the 2017/2018 GCSE exams. Provisional results show that 66% of our pupils gained a standard (9-4) pass in both English and Maths and 45% gained a strong (9-5) pass in both English and Maths. Pupil Premium performance was very strong, with 59% gaining a standard (9-4) pass in both English and Maths and 40% gaining a strong (9-5) pass in both English and Maths. Our school’s Progress 8 score is now provisionally +0.1, with a score of +0.14 for Pupil Premium pupils. Good luck to all of you in your next steps after Hall Green School!

Year 9/10 Exam timetable

Year 9/10 Exam timetable

Please click here for the exam timetable for Year 10 and Year 9 examinations in the hall. There are further details on this sheet regarding other Year 9 examinations.

Year 10 Practice Interviews

Year 10 Practice Interviews

Friday 3rd May, saw 25 volunteers from a range of organisations in school conducting 1 to 1 interviews with our pupils. This was to help pupils prepare a CV and a portfolio of achievements for their individual Progress Files.


Pupils were able to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, career ambitions whilst developing confidence and communication skills in talking to new people in a formal and professional manner.

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KS3 exams: Revision information

KS3 exams: Revision information

In order to help pupils revise for the upcoming KS3 exams (Year 7/8/9), we have created the following guide sheets. These are also designed to support parents in directing your child during their revision. There may also be other resources provided on ClassCharts.

Please contact Mr Slattery if you have any questions.

KS3 exam guidance sheets

School Council: New menu options

School Council: New menu options

Our fantastic School Councillors taste-tested the new menu options and werreally impressed. We are always working hard to ensure you have the best possible options in our canteen, so thanks to Grace and Catherine from Chartwell’s who brought delicious wraps, flatbread, and other options. They werreally flavoursome and you can be expecting to see them in our canteen very soon!


Year 8 Academic Tutorials

Year 8 Academic Tutorials

Year 8 Academic Tutorial will take place on Monday 13th May (Isengard & Lorien) and Tuesday 14th May (Shire & Rivendell). Your child’s most recent school report will be given upon arrival. For more information, please contact your child’s Head of House.

Year 8 Careers Day: Our Year 8 pupils are reminded that on Monday 3rd June we are hosting Lloyds Bank, who will be providing an entire day of careers-based activities and project work relating to the environment. Full uniform is required and you will not be in your normal lessons

Super excited to be welcoming Kenny from X-Suba Sport and development #Uganda to @HallGreenSch today! #internationalwork @netballtrust @YouthSportTrust #collaboration #Birmingham

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