Ofsted Report: November 2019

We can now proudly share with you our most recent Ofsted report. We feel it reflects a number of key strengths including our inclusive ethos, attitude towards learning, success and togetherness. Thanks to all members of the hard-working Hall Green community, as we continue on our “Journey to Outstanding”.

Hall Green School 2019 Final Report



Results: 2018/2019

Congratulations to our Year 11 class of 2018/2019, who performed wonderfully in their Summer exams. Provisional results show that our school’s Progress 8 score is now provisionally +0.21, meaning they made significantly stronger progress than their national peers.

In terms of attainment, 62% of our pupils gained a standard (9-4) pass in both English and Maths and 39% gained a strong (9-5) pass in both English and Maths. Pupil Premium performance continues to be strong, with 55% gaining a standard (9-4) pass in both English and Maths and 34% gaining a strong (9-5) pass in both English and Maths. Good luck to all of you in your next steps after Hall Green School!

Interested in a career in Teaching?

We have several training partners at Hall Green School, please click on the links below for further teacher training information and details about application: University of Birmingham


or King Edward’s Consortium (www.teachkec.org.uk).

Supporting Your Child During Exams

For young people taking examinations, there are a number of stresses and pressures. We as parents are keen to help and support, and “Young Minds” have produced an informative and helpful guide available here, and there is also a booklet regarding anxiety which is produced by Firefly available here. If you require further support or need to speak to us, please contact the school.

Parent View

We would like to remind parents that Ofsted’s “Parent View” facility is always open and allows you to give feedback across a range of areas. Please click here to access the site, where you will be prompted to login or create a new account. You can also access this page through our “School Performance” tab, in the Ofsted section.

Parental Feedback

Our children have different personalities, skills, interests, strengths, and weaknesses but both have been well cared for at Hall Green and have always looked forward to going to school. Opportunities are provided for all abilities and interests which helps to realise the potential of each child and so they themselves can recognise their own value. No single skill appears to be valued above all others so the pupils are able to find out what makes them shine. My children aren’t statistics, they’re individuals, and that’s why I’m glad that they’re at Hall Green.

FC, parent.

Year 11 mock re-sits

Year 11 mock re-sits

We are holding mock re-sits for Yr 11 pupils in certain subjects between the 24th and 28th February. These re-sits will give pupils an opportunity to re-revise subject content that they are not yet secure on over half term and the chance to gain confidence by improving on their December result.  The majority of these re-sits are in the afternoon and some will be finishing after 3.15 pm. All pupils received a letter this week stating which re-sits they will be taking and the finish time of each exam so that you will know if they have any late finishes that week.

These retakes should provide the basis for pupils’ revision over the next 2  weeks.  Pupils will need their copy of the syllabus for each subject to help set out what they still need to learn and a timetable that ensures they have a sufficient number of revision sessions to cover all the content that will be tested in each exam.  Revision sessions should each last for 45 minutes and involve creative, interactive revision techniques such as Cornell notes, mind maps, flash cards and memory testing. As we have previously discussed with pupils, to embed something into long term memory, pupils will need to learn the content and then test themselves on it as often as possible.


‘Good luck to all Yr 11s taking these exams’ – Mr Hosfield

Personal Safety Reminder

Personal Safety Reminder

We know how much your personal belongings can mean to you, and the impact they would have if they’re gone.

We hope you never find yourself in a position of having any of your belongings stolen, so we want to pass on some simple steps that can help prevent that happening…

·       Keep your phone out of sight

·       When leaving the gates try traveling home with your mates

·       Keep your bags closed and close to you

Also did you know Apple and Android devices have an app installed that allows us to be able to track your technology if they were stolen. However, you need to make sure it’s set up to do so. To set up your devices now – head to west-midlands.police.uk and search ‘keep your phone safe’

Remember, be aware and take care, in an emergency call 999.

Chat to us on Live Chat  between 8am – midnight, or call 101 anytime”



UNICEF RRSA: Update January 2020

UNICEF RRSA: Update January 2020

We are now working towards our Silver accreditation, which means we are focusing upon five key articles/rights within Hall Green School. Those articles are:

  • Article 29- Goals of education.  (Ready)
    Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

read more…

SEN Parent/Carer Survey

SEN Parent/Carer Survey

Birmingham City Council is looking to improve the process of applying for and receiving an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and/or travel assistance for families with children who have Special Educational Health and Care needs and, as part of this, would like to understand your experiences with the process at present.

Please use the link below to access a survey to share your experience.

LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CLYC9XX

Message for parents: Safeguarding your child’s online activity

Message for parents: Safeguarding your child’s online activity

West Midlands Police have been made aware of a smartphone app called ‘UNICO LIVE’. The app is publicised as age restricted (12+) and designed for young people to upload videos of them performing, singing and dancing etc.

It has come to their attention that there is inappropriate content on the platform involving young people which is being investigated. The content does not appear to be monitored, and we urge you to raise awareness widely to increase vigilance and reduce the likelihood of any child being sexually exploited.

Please share at the earliest opportunity with your colleagues, friends and family.

We are holding mock re-sits for Yr 11 pupils in certain subjects between the 24th and 28th Feb. These will give pupils an opportunity to re-revise subject content that they are not yet secure on over half term and the chance to gain confidence by improving on their Dec result.

Andrea is visiting @HallGreenSch Birmingham delivering knife crime workshops to year 9 pupils which is approximately 100 students! #FearlessWestMidlands #Fearless #CrimeAwareness #CrimePrevention

Find out more about training to teach with the no.1 #SCITT @BartleyGreen @KESBham @KEHSBham @kechg @KEVICHB @KEVIHWGA @schoolsofkevi @solsch1560 @Edgbaston_High @HillcrestSch @HallGreenSchool @KESHAcademy @KEASTONVI @HandsworthGS @KEVIHandsworth @knbs_school @Swanshurst_Sch

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